Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Pismo Beach

After ten nights on our road-trip honeymoon, we arrived at Pismo Beach which was our scheduled pit stop. Pismo isn't a particularly exciting town, it just has a glorious beach, but after all the racing around we did in San Francisco, Yosemite and Monterey, a beach was all we wanted. Our hotel was perfectly situated right on the beach front so all we had to do was stroll outside and put our feet in the sand. Unlike the other destinations on our road trip, we only heard American accents in Pismo Beach, which is probably because there wasn't a lot to do there, but a day of doing nothing much on the beach suited us just fine.

We arrived late on Saturday night and then spent Sunday just sun-bathing on the beach. After a while, we thought we'd go for a dip in the Pacific, so we ran into the sea. We soon discovered that it was not the kind of gentle sea you can swim in. Even the small waves were very powerful and once I got to knee high water it was all I could do to keep standing when a new wave hit. Vincent, imbued with an atypical sense of adventure, decided to go further and further into the ocean until the waves were at about head height, at which point he lost both his footing and his glasses. Bearing in mind his earlier experiences on the whale watching tour, it was now Vincent nil, Pacific 2.

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